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Mark Miller has been providing civil engineering services throughout southern Oregon and Northern California since 1984 and in 2005 founded “Mark Miller & Associates”.


Registrations:    Oregon Registered Professional Engineer #16049

                        California Registered Professional Engineer #51706


Education:        Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Technology – 1984

    Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT)

    Associates Degree in Structural Engineering Technology – 1984

    Oregon Institute of Technology

    Klamath Falls, Oregon


Mark Miller has over 30 years of Civil Engineering experience in Klamath County, Southern Oregon and Northern California.  His vast and varied experience is truly a benefit to our clients since he is familiar with all facets of municipal, industrial, commercial and residential type projects.


Having managed many municipal projects such as water systems, sewer systems and street rehabilitation projects, he is familiar with the many different types of funding sources associated therewith, together with their administrative requirements.  Some of these funding sources have included Rural Development (formerly FmHA), CDBG, ODOT, FEMA, STIP, EPA, and others.  Mark has also designed water systems for other governmental agencies and private water districts.


Commercial and industrial type projects have varied throughout the years, however; one must only look around the Klamath basin to see developments that Mark has been involved with, in one capacity or another, over the past 30 years.  These range from improvements at Oregon Institute of Technology and Sky Lakes Medical Center (formerly known as Merle West Medical Center) to the rebuilding of Klamath County Court House to many stores, restaurants, hotels, storage units and other developments within the basin and outlying communities.


Residential type projects have also been abundant throughout his career and have included everything from feasibility studies, subdivisions, partitions and similar land use planning to erosion control and grading plans to on-site sewer systems and individual water systems.

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