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Based in Klamath Falls, Oregon, Mark Miller & Associates is a full-service civil engineering firm providing civil engineering and land use planning services to clients in Southern Oregon and Northern California.


Unlike larger firms, we offer personal one on one consulting with our clients from project conception through project completion.  By doing so, we remain highly focused on our Client's needs and produce solution-oriented, high quality project design and delivery.  










While we strive to help you meet your goals and bring your project to a successful completion, we also strive to safeguard the public's health, safety and welfare by utilizing the industry's best practices and good engineering judgment that can only be obtained by years of engineering experience.


We also implement quality control and quality assurance on all our projects to make sure you receive a quality product that meets your satisfaction, while remaining on schedule and in budget.


With honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, commitment, responsiveness and collaboration, we will help you realize your dreams! 


It's the quality of work and working relationships that matters most to us -- not the quantity of work!


By being good listeners we can better understand your needs.

By understanding your needs, we can better accomplish your goals.

And as we accomplish your goals, you get to realize your dreams and visions.



Just as quality and workmanship in construction is not always found to be equal, nor is it in engineering -- one must pay attention to the small details in order to achieve excellence.


"There is nothing more expensive than cheap engineering"

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